Create Video Clips Using the Lines of Your Songs

Share Your Lyrics with Sound


On Demand Video Production

An automated web and mobile platform that gives users the ability to share parts of songs as video clips

Step 1.

Upload your song and lyrics

Step 2.

Select lines from your song

Step 3.

Share video to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more

Why LineForLine?

Social Media Music Discovery

The word of mouth potential of social media is endless, but consumers have short attention spans and prefer visuals. Turn viewers into listeners with on demand video clip production.

Immediate Connection

People’s time is a limited resource. Just a few lines of a song can grasp someone’s attention and create a meaningful connection.

Speed and Ease of Video Production

Traditional video production is time consuming and challenging. LineForLine gives users the ability to create, post, and share video clips with anyone, anywhere, at anytime. All you need is your music. No previous knowledge required.

Let your lyrics be heard.
Let your music be discovered.

Upload your first song.